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could you tell me why my code isn't working correctly, for more than 2 nodes of the tree, autoit can't count items, this is an example with windows explorer

;MsgBox ( flag, "title", "text" [, timeout] );"#0|#0|#1"
WinWaitActive("My Documents","")
WinSetTitle("My Documents","","explorateur windows")
ControlTreeView("explorateur windows","",100,"Expand",$item)
$nb=ControlTreeView("explorateur windows","",100,"GetItemCount",$item)
$b=ControlTreeView("explorateur windows","",100,"GetText",$item)
$c=ControlTreeView("explorateur windows","",100,"GetSelected")
dim $a="nb items: "&$b&":"&$nb&" selectionne: "&$c
MsgBox ( 4096, "test",$a  )

thanks for your help

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