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Any way to call an external menu item without clicking or shortcut keys?

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I have a tiny script that activates a window, and then sends ALT-E, L (Select All), ALT-E, C (Copy)

#include <GUIConstants.au3>

WinActivate( "My Window 1" )
SendKeepActive( "My Window 1" )
Send( "!el!ec" )
ProcessData( ClipGet() )

where ProcessData is a user-defined function that I wrote.

It runs perfectly fine when no one is using the computer, but if I happen to click on another window as this script runs, the Send commands failed.

Is there a more reliable way to simulate a click on these menu items without using send keys or clicking on the menu?

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If you haven't tried already, try WinGettext() or ControlGetText.

I tried it, actually it's a SysListView32 Control, but all ...GetText or ...GetTextArray functions return empty strings. So the only way (afaik) is to use the menu Copy command. Even pressing CTRL+C fails to copy the data.

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