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POINTER to a variable

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This has to do with how autoit works, if you know this then it would be too easy to hack autoit.

There are certain few who would answer this, Jon and other developers.

(I think) What he is asking is how does autoit save data into ram and where.

Offering any help to anyone (to my capabilities of course)Want to say thanks? Click here! [quote name='Albert Einstein']Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former.[/quote][quote name='Wolvereness' date='7:35PM Central, Jan 11, 2005']I'm NEVER wrong, I call it something else[/quote]

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$toto = "Bonjour"

How to do for having not the value of $toto but the adress where $toto is stocked in Memory

and in th reverse how to know the value of $toto when we know the adress where $toto is stocked.


You can't. However, you can use "fake" pointers:

$toto = "Bonjour"
$ptr = "toto"

MsgBox(0, "msg1", Eval($ptr)); prints "Bonjour"
Assign($ptr, "Good morning") 
MsgBox(0, "msg1", Eval($ptr)); prints "Good morning"
MsgBox(0, "msg1", $toto); prints "Good morning" as well


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