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Capture text from a field

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Here it is(see attachment).

Well, if i read the SDK properly, most of the commands are done through OLEDB:

ACT! includes an OLEDB Provider, which enables read-only access to Database views.

This is the lowest form of data access, since it circumvents the Framework. It can be used

to generate custom reports with tools such as Crystal Reports. Security is maintained using

the OLEDB provider.

Unfortunatly, after reading the ACT SDK documentation, ACT assemblies are not COM objects, they are DLL assemblies. And i'm not an expert at those usages, and i'd think it'd be prohibitive in autoit. However,

the OLEDB provider can be used to monitor that field. All you would really have to do is connect to the provider, log into the database, and execute query commands every few moments to monitor that field.

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Thanks! No idea what you said, but I thank you.

Just to let you know, I already know how to get the information via OLE DB and have it update every 30 seconds. That's the reason I am looking to capture the contact name. How is OLE DB supposed to know what contact I am looking at without telling Excel what contact it is? The OLE DB monitors all contacts from ACT! and puts ALL Contacts into an excel spreadsheet not just one contact.

I need to communicate to Excel what contact I am looking at and then narrow it down from there using AUTOIT. Maybe create another Excel Sheet focusing on only that contact.


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