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Hey guys,

I want to script a program that's gonna create a txt file with all processes, their PIDs and memory usage. There's no problem with processes and PIDs because ProcessList() uses a 2-dimensional array. ProcessGetStats() uses a mono-dimensional array therefore it can't be listed in the .txt file the same way as ProcessList(). Does anyone have an idea on how to do it? Thanks in advance :)

#include <File.au3>
$file = "processlist.txt"

FileOpen($file, 1)
$list = ProcessList()
for $i = 1 to $list[0][0]
$pid = $list[$i][1]
$memory = ProcessGetStats($pid)
FileWrite($file, $list[$i][0] & "  " & $list[$i][1] & " " & $memory[0] & @CRLF)
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I forgot about this cmd! Thank you Andreik :)

Now, can anyone solve my problem? I'm interested in fixing the code posted above.

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