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AutoIt Error - VPN Initiation

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Gidday from NZ.

Noobie question. Reason for posting here is that the below uses an AutoIT script as part of the VPN Software.

We are using a one stop shop VPN client (Telecom Connection Manager) which we have installed on a work laptop. Telecom are our local Telco provider. There is a very similar product used by O2 in UK.

We create a login using a mobile data card (as this is a remote access solution) to the Internet and then run the TCM to create a VPN tunnel into our head office.

We get the following error:


AutoIt Error


Line 0 (File "C:\Program Files\Telecom NZ\Connection Mgr\dialchk.exe"):

FileWriteLine($rasphone, "[L2TPVPN]")

Error: Invalid file handle used.




Q: What does this mean? Any thoughts?

Note: One thing to note the software was installed under the local Administrator Account, not the actual user's account, so wonder if this is a registry issue ...

i.e. the software needs to be installed under the specific user account to work.

We have used this TCM software before and had no issues, but assume the install process though about may be the problem.

Thanks in advance for any wisdom.

Kiwibob :)

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