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AutoIT in Windows PE 2.0

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I've got a few questions concering AutoIT and Windows PE 2.0. I need to capture an image to provide it via WDS. Since we don't have a WDS server around here I built a small GUI which ask the user wether one wants to configure the capture process manually or wether this should be done automatically. The first issue I ran into was the FolderOpenDialog which doesn't work properly. The windows opens but without any content (except the buttons and title bar). So does anybody know which DLL's are involved in the FolderOpenDialog? I already included WMI, MDAC and the Windows Scritping Host which didn't help at all.

Here's the code:

#include <GUIconstants.au3>
#include <Process.au3>

Dim $config_file = "X:\Windows\System32\customwdscapture.inf"
Dim $date = @MDAY & "." & @MON & "." & @YEAR

GUICreate("OS Capture Wizard",250,220)  
Opt("GUIOnEventMode", 1)

GUICtrlCreateLabel ("Please choose a capture method:", 30,20,180,20)
$opt_auto = GUICtrlCreateRadio ("automatic capturing", 40,60,120,20)
    GUICtrlCreateLabel ("save image to:", 60,90,100,20)
    $save_to = GUICtrlCreateButton ( "choose...", 150,85,60,22)
            GUICtrlSetOnEvent ( $save_to , "save_wim" )
    $path = GUICtrlCreateInput ( "", 60,120,160,20)
$opt_man = GUICtrlCreateRadio ("manual capturing using wdsutil.exe", 40,140,180,30)

$start = GUICtrlCreateButton ( "start capturing", 130,180,90,25)
    GUICtrlSetOnEvent ( $start, "start_cap" )

GUICtrlSetState ($opt_auto, $GUI_CHECKED)
GUISetState (@SW_SHOW)

While 1

Func save_wim()
    $select_folder = FileSelectFolder ( "Choose folder to save image", "", 1)
    GUICtrlSetData ( $path , $select_folder )

Func start_cap()
    $auto_state = GUICtrlGetState ( $opt_auto )
    $man_state = GUICtrlGetState ( $opt_man )
    $cap_path = GUICtrlRead ( $path )
    If $auto_state = $GUI_CHECKED Then
        IniWrite ( $config_file , "Capture", "DestinationFile", $cap_path & "captured_" & $date & ".wim" )
        IniWrite ( $config_file , "Capture", "ImageName", "captured_" & $date )
        IniWrite ( $config_file , "Capture", "ImageDescription", "captured_" & $date )
        _RunDOS ( "X:\Windows\System32\wdscapture.exe /UnattendFilePath:" & $config_file )
    ElseIf $man_state = $GUI_CHECKED Then
        Run ( "X:\Windows\System32\wdscapture.exe" )

Func CLOSEClicked()

Thanks in advance, Bastian

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That might be a reason. I'll give it a try


Well... unfortunately that didn't work. Maybe there's something wrong with the dll files?

Edited by Basti756

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