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Runas Decompilation Script Security

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In the past AutoIT documentation included a caveat within the RunAsSet() function description which basically said 'don't use an elevated username/password in RunAsSet() because AutoIT source code in a compiled .exe is essentially obfuscated and not truly encrypted'

Now I'm looking at the documentation and I see that compiled scripts are compressed/encrypted, but there is no mention of compiled script security. I also checked the RunAs() portion of the documentation and didn't see any caveat listed as was in previous versions.

I scanned several posts to see if anyone has mentioned newer versions being 'hardened' or if security was added so as to protect the source code from being harvested at runtime. So either I didn't use the right keywords in my forum search or I just plain missed anyone making an unequivocal statement that AutoIT does indeed protect its source from prying eyes.

So I hope this hasn't been answered a million times since the most recent release (the new version is pretty fresh so I'm prolly safe here...)

I also am aware that no security is 100% hackproof, but I'd like to know were I stand if I decide to use an elevated service account to perform administrative stuff that user accounts can't.

Can I have my compiled script in a location that is not accessible to users but accessible to the SYSTEM and run it using RunAs() with service account credentials without fear of 'curious-george-user' discovering my service account's username/password at runtime? Is the encryption scheme within the compiled .exe safe enough for this kind of use?


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They are not stored plaintext, so run-of-the-mill-users will not be able to see the password.

I would recomend obuscating the script source also before you compile it if you do decide to do it...Like you say, anyone determined enough could still get it, but its just another hoop they'd have to jump though.

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