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Guide Request for Newbie|Interdimate|Expert

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Hi and thank you to all people that spend his/her time reading this thread.

I just started on AutoIT by recommendation my friend. I been using AutoIT-based tool for quite a long time, most of the AutoIT programmers at the forum I joined said about it's user friendly and easy use of it. But, when I read few of the tutorials that I found over the net, I found out that I having problem understanding few function, for example the "While" function, why must we put 1 behind it. And most of the tutorial I found here is for beginner only.. I would like to request a tutorial that cover all of aspects of AutoIT. I don't want only beginner's guide, if it possible to create a tutorial for Beginner, Interdimate, and Expert.



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I've found the help file of AutoIt to be quite verbose, so usually that's the first place to look.

Next thing to do is search these forums, as they are quite extensive.

Finally if you STILL can't find the answer to your question, THEN you should post.

This process is only to avoid duplicate posts, of which there are many.

Anyways, regarding your question of why to put a "1" after a While statement, that's only if you want to create an infinite loop.

The While..Wend loop is one which executes all the code between the two statements WHILE a certain condition is true. That condition is the expression placed after the While keyword. So in this case, putting "While 1" is the equivalent of "While True". And since both "1" and "True" always evaluate to true, the loop will continue forever.

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I wrote these 2 guides on ElitePvPers.de/forum

Part 1: http://www.elitepvpers.de/forum/co2-guides...cros-part1.html

Part 2: http://www.elitepvpers.de/forum/co2-guides...s-part-2-a.html

Hope they are satisfactory for beginner learners.

Hiyoal :)

I like the guides but I sure don't like that site. It would appear that you did a good job with the content.


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