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Network Printers

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no mater what i do i can not map a network printer and i am the SysAdmin using any of the functions offerd in autoit.

note that i do not want to use the "call dll" and the "printui.dll".

i have tried it also with the latest release of autoit.

i do not have any problem mapping an actual drive.

please help


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I am currently trying to do this, the only thing I found for mapping was: DriveMapAdd

But that does not seem to add a printer in any way I can think of, maybe I just do not know the syntax for it.

But since the above poster kind of abandoned this, and it is the exact question I have let me show the info you requested from him, that I get:

C:\Documents and Settings\username>net use \\site-app2\siteprt010
Local name
Remote name    \\site-app2\siteprt010
Resource type    Print
Status          OK
# Opens        0
# Connections    2
The command completed successfully.

The other command produced a lot of info, mostly redundant, showing every shared folder and printer, but this is the one I am aiming for:

SITEPRT009   Print  (UNC)

Is there a different command to map a network printer or again, do I just not know the syntax?

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