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Help needed to Browse for Network Resources

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I've been looking through the forums and the help file for information on browsing a network for machines but have not been successful.

I am working on a client that can connect to an application running on a remote server. However, instead of having the user enter the machine name or ip address I'd prefer to offer a select drop-down containing all the machine names of servers available on the network.

If you have any thoughts or could point me in the right direction I'd be greatful.

Thank you!


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This is what I am currently doing to achieve this but don't think it's the best solution. Please help.

$machineList = GUICtrlCreateCombo("Select ...",77,57,235,200)
$cmdNetView = RunWait(@ComSpec & " /c net view>netview.log", "", @SW_HIDE)
If Not _FileReadToArray("netview.log",$aRecords) Then
   fnWriteLog("Error reading netview.log to array: " & @error)
For $x = 1 to $aRecords[0]
   If StringLen($aRecords[$x]) <> 0 Then
      If StringInStr($aRecords[$x],"\\") Then
         $aFoo = StringSplit($aRecords[$x]," ")
         $bar = $bar & $aFoo[1] & "|"
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