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UltraVNC SC and AutoIT

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So far, within the posts of these forums, I have found code that will start a session of UltraVNC SC.

It works great.

I have started to try to figure out how to use the alternate, client side, of UltraVNC SC.

The UltraVNC SC has two parts that run from 2 dlls.

We have a 1scdll.dll and 1scvdll.dll.

The server uses the 1scdll.dll.

The client uses the 1scvdll.dll.

I have written the following (which was copied from Florian Fida's code for the server):

--- START ---



If @Compiled Then

FileInstall("icon1.ico", @TempDir & "\", 1)

FileInstall("SCHook.dll", @TempDir & "\", 1)

FileInstall("1SCVDLL.dll", @TempDir & "\", 1)

FileInstall("1CHATDLL.dll", @TempDir & "\", 1)



Global $g_hDll_1SCVDLL = DllOpen("1SCVDLL.dll")

DllCall($g_hDll_1SCVDLL, "none:cdecl", "Start_viewer" , "", "", 5500, 0, "", False, False, 99)

--- END ---

The output that I get is:

--- START ---

>"E:\autoit\install\SciTe\..\autoit3.exe" /ErrorStdOut "E:\autoit\install\Examples\uvnc\Server.au3"

WM_APP+4 disconnecting

No 'Winvnc video hook driver2' found.

>Exit code: 0 Time: 3.449

--- END ---

Anyone have any ideas how to overcome this?

Any help would be appreciated.


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