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General questions, curious about a few things

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So I'm putting together a fairly simple game macro system. I've got the basics put together, but I'm having a problem figuring out how to do dynamic scripting. I want a few of my friends to be able to use it, and I'm designing it to be used on almost any game (I'm sick of rewriting game specific macros when there's so much in common that I redo a *lot* each time.)

I have this much done so far, or at least know how to do it:

Process Launch

Set pointer and offset variables to read game data from the process

send keys, mouse events, and strings to minimized windows

Set config files for login information

Log events

Use SQLite for config, log, and history.

What I'd like to do, however, is set up a simple system in which you can describe behaviors at runtime.

Each of the items and subitems represent a custom function. I'd like to define and load those functions at runtime, instead of hardcoding them, and then have a list from which I can drag and drop them onto a tree view, which would determine the script flow.

How would I go about dynamically calling, and more importantly, creating functions at runtime?

I'm confused! Thanks for any help.

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Could it be as simple as reading/writing a list of functions and using Execute?

Alright, I see that it is. Can anyone tell me the limitations of Execute? I plan on using a very basic function construction GUI that will generate the text of the functions, then store those to SQLite. The names and descriptions will be in another tab, allowing the user to generate a script in the treeview by dragging and dropping the functions.

Functions will consist of reading from & writing to process memory, using Nomad Memory, reading/writing to the SQLite database and a text file, sending mouse/key events to specific applications, getting system information (to monitor resource usage and if an application crashes), User defined functions that can utilize application and system variables, and time/schedule events that can control script flow.

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