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Calling a dll function

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Can some one help me to convert C code below to AutoIt script using DllOpen/DllCall/DllClose ?



==== sample C code to be converted to AutoIt script =======

#include typedef void (__declspec(dllimport) *STARTSERVER)(char *, char *,char *,int,char *);

//void Start_server(char *ID, char *repeater,char *direct,int port,char *passwd,bool proxy);

//BETA7 typedef void (__declspec(dllimport) *STARTSERVER)(char *, char *,char *,int,char *,bool);

int main(int argc, char* argv[])


HMODULE hDLL = LoadLibrary ("1SCDLL.dll");

STARTSERVER pStart_server; if (hDLL != NULL)


pStart_server = (STARTSERVER) GetProcAddress(hDLL,"Start_server");

if (!pStart_server)


// handle the error


return 0;




// call the function


// Beta 7 pStart_server("","","localhost",5500,"",0);



return 0;


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