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Taskbar Items context menu

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I want to change the names of some windows. I can do this easily enough with WinSetTitle. I'd like to be able to right click a button on the taskbar and choose a custom item (probably Rename) and have it launch my script. Basically I need to added the Rename option as a contxt menu item on those buttons but I can't figure out how. I know how to add context menu items in general I just can't find where those registry keys are for buttons in the taskbar.

So, yes, I know this isn't really an autoit question but I hoped since I was using for a script I have that I wouldn't get scolded too badly :) and I'm guessing someone in here must have done somethign like this before. I find a lot of people hiding the taskbar but nothing specifically about the buttons themselves. Also google hasn't yielded the proper results and I can't seem to think of any new and different was to word what i'm searching for.

Thanks in advance.


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