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I know this has been discussed in september, but maybe there is a working solution in the meanwhile.

What I want to do, is detect if opera is still downloading a page.

That should be an easy task, because AU3_Spy recognizes "OperaWindowClass4", the opera "progress bar", if I hover the mouse there. But I am not able to detect the temporal visible progress bar, using one of

Opt("WinTitleMatchMode", 2)

$oval = ControlCommand ( "- Opera", "", "OperaWindowClass4", "IsVisible", "" )

$oval = ControlCommand ( "- Opera", "", "OperaWindowClass4", "IsEnabled", "" )

$oval is always 1 (@error=0), both when I can see the progress bar, or not.

So, if "OperaWindowClass4" is the right object, how can I find out which state of this control changes, to be able to detect it?



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