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Sending a http command for my Email script

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Hello everyone,

I am rather new to the forum and have made some little scripts in the past. For my new little script i am writing i am a little stuck. I`ll explain my situation:

I have a Dreambox Satellite receiver. When an email arrives on my pc i want to execute an Outlook rule that triggers my script to show on my TV i have a new email. The line that is needed to be executed in a browser to send that message is: "http://satbox-ip-here/cgi-bin/xmessage?caption=Outlook 2007&body=You have new email&timeout=7"

In my old script i used wget.exe to execute that line without opening a browser. The only downside to this is that wget.exe writes a file that is of no use for every email that arrives. I have now created a new AutoIT script that also checks the uptime of the pc so that if i turn on my pc and receive 50 emails i do not have see 50 messages on my tv for the first few minutes.

But i can`t find the right command in AutoIT to silently execute that string to my sattelite receiver without opening any browser windows or other script or programs like wget.exe. I hope there is anyone willing to teach me which command i need to use or which way this is best achieved.

#Include <Date.au3>

$aTSB = DllCall ("kernel32.dll", "long", "GetTickCount")

$ticksSinceBoot = $aTSB[0]

dim $iHours, $iMins, $iSecs

_TicksToTime ( $ticksSinceBoot, $iHours, $iMins, $iSecs )

$iDays = int($iHours / 24)

$iHours = $iHours - ($iDays * 24)

;msgbox(0,"System Uptime","Days: "&$iDays& ", Hours: "&$iHours &", Minutes: "&$iMins & ", Seconds: "&$ticksSinceBoot )

If $ticksSinceBoot > 300000 Then ShellExecute("", "", @SW_HIDE)

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