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Comparing file sizes

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My code:

$file = "data.txt";
Run("php test.php", "", @SW_HIDE);
$filesize = FileGetSize($file);
while 1
    if $filesize < FileGetSize($file) Then
        $filesize = FileGetSize($file)
        msgbox(0,"size changed", "it changed...")
    func OnAutoItExit()
        Run(@ComSpec & " /c taskkill /IM php.exe /F", "", @SW_HIDE)

basically the while loop doesn't work. Is it because my php script is ran in a never ending while, and it is waiting for it to be done, or what?

I'd appreciate some help with this, and im just messing around with this out of complete boredom. Also, do I have to have the opt there since OnAutoItExit is the default?

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I don't think your php file is "run" at all, try ShellExecute() instead :)

Yes it is, because i have new data in the file every 5 seconds, the while just isn't catching the new filesize. It works fine, i just need it to catch the new file size.

function writefile($file,$source)
        $write = @fopen("$file", 'a+');
        @fwrite($write, $source);
        writefile("data.txt", time() . "\n");

Nevermind, it was because of permissions on the file. My bad, appreciate it. Stupid me >.>

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