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Diana (Cda)

Setting folder view in XP to details view programatically w/AI?

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Diana (Cda)

There's a flaw in WinXP, I've found. The setting will either stick, or not. If after the first reboot your folder view stays to what you set it to that is not the default view, then you're okay. More often than not, however, you have to reset after each reboot. This is despite following all sorts of instructions from a couple of Windows XP newsgroups and forums. Anyone who uses other than the default icons view has probably run into this behaviour before as well. Unlike Win98SE, XP doesn't like to be told what to do. In Win98SE, you'd set the view to what you want and it would always show that view till you changed it.

Anyway, they're not very helpful over at the Windows XP newsgroups. They insist things work even when they don't <lol>. So was hoping there was something AI could do. I use a Windows Explorer replacement so the problem has been resolved with a workaround for the most part, but all my AI folder scripts use WE and I don't want to rewrite all my AI scripts so that they use PowerDeskPro, my WE replacement, instead. After every OS wipe/install, my programs partition gets assigned a different drive letter. I'd always have to re-write the AI scripts after a new install so that's not the solution.

What would work instead is if there was a way to get AI to set XP's Explorer's view to details view so that I could just dump that script into the startup folder and have the problem resolved that way. For the most part, that would take care of the problem as the WE replacement works beautifully and perfectly and gives me the exact views and details I need.

Does anyone know how to change Windows' folder view using AI? thx :)

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Have you tried resetting all the folders and then setting them for all folders?

In the Explorer -> Extra - Folder options menu

Otherwise you create a script that opens explorer and sets the details in there.

offcourse this only works for the active folder, you have to use the folder options from the extra menu to set for all directorys

Something like , *note* your letters may vary as you have different langauge of XP.

Send("#E") ; open explorer
Send("!v!e") ; select menu view and select details
Send("!{F4}") ; close explorer

+==================================================================+| The Definition of Madness: Creating a GUI, with GUI automation scripts |+==================================================================+

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Take a look at this post by inferno123

Change Folders View by script

Caution: the script deletes all individual folder view settings each time it is run,

you need to comment out these two lines:


I see fascists...

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Diana (Cda)

Hi, thanks for passing along the info.

This script didn't work, though. Is there something extra I had to do to get the details view? When I hit Win+E, the folder that opens still opens in WinXP's default icons view.

Perhaps some tweaking is required to get details view?

Thanks. :)

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