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pixelsearch much slower in vista.

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im using a very simple search...

$xpos = 65
            $ypos = 450
            $xp = 0
                $ypix = PixelGetColor($xpos, $ypos - $xp)
                ConsoleWrite($ypix&"  "&$ypos-$xp&@lf)
                $xp = $xp + 1
                MouseMove($xpos,$ypos - $xp)
            Until $ypix = 9075796 Or $xp = 200
            If $xp = 250 Then
                MsgBox(0, "", "$XP=250", 0)

it takes seconds in vist, and have been running this on xp and its done in millisenconds... any ideas.... please dont say its me PC

OS windows Vista :) x64bit

Quad core 4x@2.4 GHZ

4GB ram

9800gtx in SLI

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I am wondering the exact same thing. I wrote a simple OCR function using PixelGetColor and PixelSearch and it takes over 20 seconds to parse no more than one word. I haven't tested it on XP, but can anybody shed any light on this issue?

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