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So, say i have this great program (no you cannot see the script) and i want to make some money...and know it will sell, and a'm pursuing entrepreneurship, is there anything that "autoit" says in the user agreement or anything about selling programs scripted with their program?!!?!

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I would if it wasn't a great way to put some money into my pocket, and if there wasn't so many darn scammers and buggers out there in the free world waiting to get you with their Trojans and keyloggers, i would rather not get mixed up in that.

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Only sell it if you're willing to offer something better than most freeware. Customer support, get user input on new features, and so on.

If you're just going to make it and release it, then don't sell it; It's not fair to the end users who get excited about something that never gets updated or that they can't get support for.

It's the only reasonable way to do business. On the other hand, freeware is a charitable service... you're providing your time and effort for the benefit of others without expectation of return. If you want, include a Donate button, so people can drop you money via paypal or something.

Otherwise, support your product and make a business of it, or you'll just end up frustrating people.

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