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there is a file in windows dir called HOSTS (with no extension)

just add this line for each banner you want to remove: " the banner's url without http:// prefix"

so for example add " ad.bannernetwork.it" and banners form ad.bannernetwork.it will be ridirected to which is you!


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@ torels

And the banner would not be displayed? Any other ways ? Because i want the banner to be REPLACED with the AD BLOCKED text.

@ TomT3

You still dont understand , said in my 3rd post.. ANY WAYS to do in IE ?

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from the autoit helpfile


You may use _IEBodyReadHTML to read the current HTML contents of the document body, manipulat that string and then write it back with _IEBodyWriteHTML. You may also use _IEDocInsertHTML, _IEDocInsertText and the innerHTML, innerText, outerHTML and outerText features of _IEPropertyGet and _IEPropertySet to control specific elements without rewriting large blocks of text.

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from the autoit helpfile

Umm.. those might works.. But only in Embedded browser (self-created browser instead of IE).. I 'would like to program a script that will read the current accessed webpage in IE and read the HTML , replace the ads (e.g. : ad.yieldmanager.com) with a image.

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