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Tab Panels

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First, I love AutoIT, I am still new to it, and I would like to thank everyone ahead of time for any help you may provide.

That having been said, I will try to be as descriptive as possible about my issue without being long winded.

I have been working on a script which will install and configure Webroot's Window Washer to my needs. Everything has been a breeze, that is, right up until the very last page of options that I would like to set. These options are contained on the third page of a Tabbed Panel. For the record, I have tried a number of different ways to get the script to consistently reach this page of the Tabbed Panel, all of which have been frustratingly unsuccessful.

Here's the thing, I access the options page which contains the tabbed panel, and by default it is focused on the first of the three tabs. By using this line in AutoIT, the second panel becomes focused and active:

ControlClick("Window Washer", "", "[CLASS:TPanel; INSTANCE:9]")

(All three tabs are contained within the same Class & Instance)

But that's as far as I can get. Using that same command again doesn't bring me to the third tab. I'm not going to get into all of the things that I have tried, unless it's necessary, so I suppose I'm looking for the proper way to work with Tabbed Panels through AutoIT. Is there something really obvious that I'm just unaware of?

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated, and if any other information is required from me I have it all readily available. Thanks.

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- post some screenshots

- use Au3Info.exe tool to get exact control's ClassNames

For real SysTabControls you can use


ControlCommand("title", "", "SysTabControl321", "TabRight"); switch to second
ControlCommand("title", "", "SysTabControl321", "TabRight"); switch to third


#include <GUITab.au3>

$hWnd = ControlGetHandle("title", "",  "SysTabControl321") 
_GUICtrlTab_SetCurSel($hWnd, 2); zero based index of tab items

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