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Laptop & AU3

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Hey everyone, its been a long time since ive posted :)

I have a question, that i think i know the answer to, but thought id ask anyways.

I have a laptop with a "media strip" on the top. (Rewind/Play and Pause/Forward/Stop and mute) I also use Winamp. I was looking through the forums, and saw a really nice winamp UDF i believe, and was wondering, where my media strip only works inside windows media player, if i could write a little script to work with winamp.

Now, if you dont see my question through my jibberish:

Q: Is there a way i can capture presses through my "media strip"?

Thanks for looking, and possibly the help im looking for :)


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More information would help. There is probably an application that came with your laptop which handles the function of extra keyboard buttons.

What is the Make + Model of laptop?

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These are acceptable in HotKeys, have you tried that?

Hmmmm, no. Let me check it out.

EDIT: AHH! That works great. Thanks alot, and im sorry for the question. Ive never used hotkeys for them. Thanks alot!

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