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Making a total new file (.ee)

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How do I make a new file extension..

For instance, I am building a new text editor: Easy Editor.

I wan't the program to be able to make sort of documents .ee

and if you open example.ee it runs Easy Editor.exe with the text from example.ee and the title..

like my program title will say: example.ee - Easy Editor

is there a way to do this???

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well the site tolld me to make some new keys:

HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.ee contains: 'easy_editor_file'

HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\easy_editor_file\shell\Open\command containts: 'somedir\program.exe'

But it doesn't work...

I also found out how to change the icon:

HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\easy_editor_file\DefaultIcon contains: 'iconpath\icon.ico'


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