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Question about running in "window mode" that's fullscreen

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I'm new to Autoit and learning the commands and such, but while I do that can someone answer this:

I will be writing a script to automate some functions in Hellgate: London.

The game is similar to WoW in its overall execution, so I have been reading the myriad WoW threads to get a handle on how things work in general.

My question is, HGL runs in a "window" mode that treats the application as if it's running in a window, i.e. I can tab between it and other windows. But when the HGL window is active it is fullscreen.

How will I write it so that it executes the commands inside that specific window?

Will it be able to execute commands in that window even when it is minimized? (Or will I only be able to run it with the window active)

I run on XP pro and I assume the game is rendered by DirectX 9.

Answers are great, but links to a source to learn what I need to learn are even better.

Thanks for your time.

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I figured it out running scripts in the active window using winactivate...

but can stuff be run while the window is minimized?

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