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Pixel Color (hex) to HTML hexadecimal color codes?

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If not anyone care to explain what is the conversion for such things, and how they came up with all of these differant formats for colors? RGB/HEX/DEC/ -> why are there so many variations??

ahh ok they are the same thing... still curious why they dont' use one standard though.

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I think you have a little confusion. :idiot:

RGB is a way to memorize colors. Splitting the three channel red, green and blue with three values. With the max precision every color may range beetween 0 to 255.

As you also probably know computer do not understand other than binary, binary is quite hard to write and read so humans usually uses hex that reduce 4 binary digits in one digit:

1111 in binary is F in hex

0010 in binary is 2 in hex and so on...

but overall

0000 0000 is 00 and 1111 1111 is FF!

But humans often use decimal, FF means 255! (Remember the max value of colors? :D )

So html uses the most easy way to write down numbers six digit, every couple means a color.


77 99 88

means 77 of red, 99 of green and 88 of blue (in hex).

Autoit does not understand hex directly, but every number that you can read in hex can be wrote also in dec: eg. 4f.7 in hex in dec is 79.4375

So also the number of the color from 0 to FF FF FF is wroteable also in decimal. 0 from 16777215, but the hex form have the advantage that show directly the different part of colors while the dec don't.


3e 45 89


it is equal to 4081033... but R? G? B? it is not easy to read.

It is 62 R 69 G 137 B, try to read those with out knowing the hex values. (it is not hard, but surely less immediate that the hex...)

Understand something?

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