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is there a way to query Lotus Notes NSF files?

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any help here would be appreciated

I have only very little knowledge on Lotus Notes. Not too long ago I wrote a Notes rollout install wrapper doing the folowing:

- detect the username of the currently active Novell eDirectory Login.

This was the tough part, solved by Dave (Thanks again!) :)

- get a user specific setup.txt from some webserver (accessibilty is checked first)

- install notes client

- drop the bookmarks file to the right location

- drop a post setup modification file: that's an NSF file as your question is about

After that just the notes client has to be launched, then all the modifications are processed as needed automatically.

If you are asking for "howto CREATE an NSF file?", well, hoestly, no clue at all. But I might be able to tell you the contact information of the company, that developed this NSF package -- I'd have to ask for that first, let me know if that's, what your question is about.

[edit] added link to the "get CN of eDir login" written by Dave.

Regards, Rudi.

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