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Outlook - Cannot access MAPIFolder.Name property

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This script is my first attempt at accessing Outlook from AutoIt, based on MS documentation and examples found here. It dies at the line marked in the code (without reaching the "If @error ..." just below). What I'm attempting to do here is to list all the top-level folders.

$otl = ObjCreate("Outlook.Application")

If @error Then Die("Cannot create application object")

$nms = $otl.GetNameSpace("MAPI")

If @error Then Die("Cannot access namespace object")

$fds = $nms.Folders

If @error Then Die("Cannot access folders object")

$i = 0

Dim $fname[100]

$fld = $fds.GetFirst

If @error Then Die("Cannot access folders.GetFirst method")

$fname[$i] = $fld.Name ;<-----------------------------------------Program fails HERE

If @error Then Die("Cannot access folder name property")

$i += 1

While 1

$fld = $fds.GetNext

If @error Then ExitLoop

$fname[$i] = $fld.Name

$i += 1


$fld = 0

$fds = 0

$nms = 0

$otl = 0

$msg = $fname[0]

$j = 1

While $j < $i

$msg &= (@CRLF & $fname[$j])

$j += 1


MsgBox(0, "Results", $msg)

Func Die($pmsg)

MsgBox(0, "Error", $pmsg)



Here are the messages output from AutoIt when I run it:

>Running:(\Program Files\AutoIt3\autoit3.exe "C:\Documents and Settings\...\Outlook_test1.au3"

C:\Documents and Settings\...\Outlook_test1.au3 (22) : ==> The requested action with this object has failed.:

$fname[$i] = $fld.Name

$fname[$i] = $fld.Name^ ERROR

->10:15:22 AutoIT3.exe ended.rc:1

+>10:15:23 AutoIt3Wrapper Finished

>Exit code: 1 Time: 1.303

Thanks for your help!!!!! :)

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First thing to do is to add the ComErrorHandler as described in the Helpfile.

PS.This belongs in the Support forum. This section is for "other"programming languages that use AutoItX


Jos :)

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