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Hi Everyone,

I'm new to scripting and programming, although I do have background in network/system administration.

I've seen the resources available in stickies and FAQ posts. I plan to start the exercises on those shortly.

My question is, what additional resources are available to help me create a bot for a game? (Requiem: Bloodymare)

I know this forum gets bombarded with "how does i make bot?" posts, however I have specific questions:

I've seen a grid and bot path example posted, how would I apply this to a game? Memory addresses? If so, would I grab these addresses through a packet sniffing program? WPEPro, etc.

In the long run, would it be better to create a pixel finding bot or one which selects monsters/objects through memory addresses?

Is there a website which will tell me definitions? I'm learning almost from scratch, I don't understand the majority of code I've looked over in the Example Code forum.

Any suggestions on where to start would be greatly appreciated.


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