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Button seek/hold

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Is it possible to hold down a gui button and have it continue to do something...like scroll through something, or go through pages. And once released it stops? ...I'm assuming no, but asking anyway just in case.

Holding down a mouse button and moving the mouse is just click-and-drag. Holding down a GUI button implies the mouse stays on the button, so what is the scrolling action -- arrow keys? What's the application? I can't picture a situation for this.

You could do MouseDown() over the button and the ControlSend() the arrow keys, I guess.


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What I mean is like holding down the the up/down arrow buttons on a scroll bar and the window scrolls, instead of constantly pressing the up/down scroll bar button (although with the scroll buttons you have to double click and hold down to scroll). I'm asking if I can program a GUI button to do the same and scroll through something/page/screen/list by holding it down.

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