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Image Crop Area Selector

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Hi all.

Have started to code a script that uses irfanview to scan images ( Irfanview is a great freeware standalone that is also portable, and includes commandline control with twain scanner support). The reason for choosing irfanview is that i wanted to create a portable application independant of installed COM interface etc, and not requiring any additional local installation as the target system has some user restrictions and runs Win2000 without GDI+

Irfanview can also crop images, and I hope to code a basic 'area selector' / draggable area selector, so user can define area to crop scanned image... but am at a loss for how to do this. Currently, the scanned image is displayed simply in a GUICTRLCREATEPIC control.

Anyone already started on something like this that can give me some pointers / ideas on how to achieve this ?


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