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I don't know how, but after I was away for like 20 minutes from my computer, when I came back I couldn't do ANYTHING on it. Like open a file, a program, control panel, start->run cmd/regedit/msconfig, NOTHING!!! It was always saying: "Windows cannot access the specified device, path or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item." When I was trying to shut it down it said that I didn't have the permission to shutdown or restart that computer.

The ONLY thing working was task manager. So I closed explorer.exe , and it was like a charm! From File -> New task (Run...) I could open anything, and that's how I got onto this browser writing you a message. But this is limited... I can just open files/programs, but with the graphical interface (explorer.exe) closed.

So please help me! What could cause this? What can I do? How can I solve this problem? Is it necessary to reinstall Windows?

And the most important question: Is this the result of an AutoIt script which got wrong and modified something in the users rights?

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