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Need some help, Yet Again

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I want my script to open a command prompt, do a directory list, then make a text file, and copying the directory list to the text file.

Opening the command prompt and making the text file I got, but how would I get the directory list from the command prompt to the text file? Any ideas?

Also, if I can get a directory list without the use of a command line, I could do that instead, Im open to suggestions

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May help...

$sDirectory = 'c:\';Put the directory name here
$sOutPutFile = 'd:\test.txt';Put the output file name here

If StringRight($sDirectory,1) <> '\' Then $sDirectory = $sDirectory & '\'
$iHandle = FileFindFirstFile($sDirectory & '*.*')

While $iHandle <> -1
   $sFileName = FileFindNextFile($iHandle)
   If @error Then
   $sList = $sList & @CRLF & $sDirectory & $sFileName 

$sList = StringTrimLeft($sList,2);Remove the heading @crlf

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use this to run a hidden cmd window and get dir

#include <Process.au3>

_RunDos("Dir" & " > " & @TempDir & "\temp.txt")

Change @TempDir & "\temp.txt", to the place you want to same the text file as, and also change "dir" by first opening the directory to get files/fodler of


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