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Triggering an event on a windows program closing help

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I have a bit of code that plays a video. I need something to replace 'Sleep(1000)'. I have Mplayer.exe set to autoclose after the video has played to the end. What I want to do is make the program wait until mplayer2 closes and then WinActivate("Scan Barcode"). I figure I could do this with a GUIGetPixel but I want to know if there is a way for Autoit to monitor open processes and trigger an event when one closes.

$video_file = (@ScriptDir & "\" & IniRead("barcode.ini", "AviCodes", $user_input, "no entry"))
                Run (@ProgramFilesDir & "\Windows Media Player\mplayer2.exe /play /fullscreen /close "&$video_file&"")
                Sleep (1000)
                WinActivate("Scan Barcode")
                GUICtrlSetData($edit_field, "");erases not successful input

Get Scite to add a popup when you use a 3rd party UDF -> http://www.autoitscript.com/autoit3/scite/docs/SciTE4AutoIt3/user-calltip-manager.html

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