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How do I go back to the GUI?

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Hello every1!! :idiot:

OK...I'm doing a Habbo Hotel flooder program that has a GUI... :D

What I'm doing is that when the user presses the Start Flooding button, it checks if the user put in all the required info and then it decides if it should go to Infinite loop or Definite loop...

I want it to stop flooding when the user gets out of the Habbo window, and go back to the GUI's main window...

I could to this with AutoIt2's labels, but how do I do it on AutoIt3?? :D

I tried putting this in the loop's body:

If Not WinActive($windowName) Then ExitLoop

When $windowName is not open, it will exit the loop, but then it'll go back to where the button is pressed!! and I want it to go back to the GUI!! :lol:


Thanx!! ;)


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If Not WinActive($windowName) Then 
     Until WinActive($windowName)

This pauses script untill the window is back.

The problem to go back where you pressed the Okay button, I need to manually edit your script with a special trick at the given point you want.

Post it and I'll help :idiot:

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