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Sendkey hangs system for 2-3 minutes

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I have a 1 line program that sends 1 word when the associated hot key is pressed. This frequently hangs Explorer and does not insert the text for 2 - 3 minutes. Everything else in the system seems to work, the tray will not pop up during the hang up time(controlled by Explorer??), after the 2 -3 minutes the text is inserted. I can also manually type the text and continue with the program, later the text will appear in any text input location I happen to be in.

It does not make any difference what program I am attempting to insert the text into(I've tried IE, Notebook, Word, Excel, etc..).

It happens if I have 1 or more programs running.

I haven't been able to isolate anything unique when the hang up happens, other than I pressed the hot key.

It happens on my computer at home as well as the one at the office.

Anyone hear of this problem?



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It would be helpful to see your source code.

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Richard Robertson

Have you tried running other AutoIt scripts on hotkey? Maybe that is the problem. Try a message box script and see if that hangs on hotkey too.

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This is a pretty complex program:


associated to hot key Ctl - Alt X

another one:


associated to hot key Ctl - Alt A

The .EXE files are on the desktop. The "Start in" directory is c:\Program Files\

Set to run minimized

As suggested, I tried other AutoIt programs with the same result. While I have not tried a lot of hot key started programs, I think the AutoIt ones are the only ones that hang like that.

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If I could try to clarify, I believe JBH is referring to the Shortcut Key functionality in Windows Explorer when referring to hot keys in the posts above, so we are seeing the entire source code of the scripts described. I'm making this clarification because AutoIt has its own hotkey functionality in the form of HotKeySet, which can monitor key combinations while a script is running.

I don't know what would cause this. May we know what version of AutoIt you have installed and what Windows version you're running, JBH?

Update: Compiled both examples to EXEs, created shortcuts and assigned the Shortcut Keys described. Opened and and targeted a new Notepad window, tested the Shortcut Keys and saw the expected output from Send with no delays. Using the current release version of AutoIt on Win XP SP2.

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...Update: Compiled both examples to EXEs, created shortcuts and assigned the Shortcut Keys described...

Ditto - sort of.

Since you used the OP's Send code, I tested MsgBox and a different OS Shortcut key. No delays seen.


You said that the exe is on the desktop,

...but the "Start in:" is c:\Program Files\

Why wouldn't the "Start in:" point to the desktop???

Where is the OS shortcut located - on the desktop also?

What anti virus program are you using?

Try assigning an OS shortcut key to notepad and see if it hangs. I've seen hang times of 10 to 20 seconds on XP Pro SP2, but not 2 -3 minutes.


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