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Crazy Idea involving pointers

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Ok so its me again with another crazy idea.

So I am thinking about doing the following:

I have this huge script that I am thinking about running in a cron job. The script basically installs a bunch of install project I have created and then runs Sanity Tests. In the install process right now I am reacting to the installation screen in the sense that I am listening for specific cases with WinExists within an infinite look that I terminated when the Install complete dialog comes up- and then performing certain actions if the particular Window Exists. However now I dont want to react to the screens, I want to predict them the problem is with 80 installs with god knows how many dialogs I am limited to either creating an instance (.au3 file) for each installation or have one HUGE .au3 file/function that hold it all. I DONT WANT TO DO THAT :).

Rather I want to create the cases and assign a pointer to each case, then I want to script to access an external file.. maybe .INI and then search until it finds the name of the product and then in the same line with be a comma separated string with the pointers that I want in the order that I want, and then return to the script and execute.

Hope this is not confusing.. there I would like to know how can I use pointers with Autoit can it be done. I searched forums but came up short of what I wanted.

Has anyone done anything like this before? Any code I can steal? Anyone has a better thought of how I can accomplish what I hope to or make it better ?

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crazy idea.


Ok so here's one idea. You could create a .ini file which containes a psuedo-script of actions you want to perform on a particular window. For example-

[Some Window Title]

[another title]
action1= ect ect

and then use that to match actions based on a window title.

That being said I don't think your going to save much time or effort doing it this way. No matter hwo you slice it, you are going to have to define an action to take based on a window title (or some other information). Where you define the actions can change, but autoit syntax is pretty effciant when it comes to this so I don't see why you wouln't want to just use that.

E.g. you could define a seperate function for each window and use execute or call or something to reference them...

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