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centering text in a picture

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how can i center my label text on my picture? my label sizes may vary so i was wondering if there was some function for it?...

probably a long shot question

Look in your help file under GUI Styles ... Search for Center :)


I am hoping that was the simple way for you above....

However, if you're trying to center your "label to the picture", then something like:

ConrolGetPos() to get the left/top/right/bottom positions, then some simple math would help you out there.

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i seem to be having a huge amount of trouble figuring out this damn math :)

i want to position my text (label) in the center of my picture so i did half the pictures width

and then i did half of the text label and im confusing myself so bad.

can somone one help me with some logic.

my goal: centering my label in on my picture.

sorry if im too vague, ill be glad to be more detailed if needed.

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For your math ...

Assuming you know the x,y pos and the width and height of the picture control and the width and height of the label ...

GUICtrlCreateLabel('This is a test label', $imageXpos+($imagewidth/2)-($Labelwidth/2), $imageYpos+($imageheight/2)-($Labelheight/2), $Labelwidth, $Labelheight)

Hopefully that makes sense, each of the values that should be assigned to the variables should be self-explanatory :)

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As strange it may sound my label actually started on the left side of the picture instead of center.

heres what i did:

$imageXpos = 27
$imagewidth = 78
$Labelwidth = $leng[0]
$newlabel = GUICtrlCreateLabel($datalabel, $imageXpos+($imagewidth/2)-($Labelwidth/2), 455, $leng[0], 20)
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