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My situation is this: I'm tired of running around to our office computers to do office updates every time there is a new patch released from Microsoft. Also, I have a problem with remote users (not domain connected) getting office updates at all, as they have limited accounts on their company provided PCs.

My current thoguht is to make an Auto-It script to do the office updates for me (runasset, iexplore and some mouse clicks)

is there any other tool that I could use across my network and remote users to automatically update office withotu giving out the admin password?

(my apologies for the quick post, I just have a bunch to do today)


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I use two vbscript scripts and one compiled AutoIT3 script to do what you ask.

On each computer; in the folder "C:\documents and Settings\All Users\Programs\Startup" I have a VBscript there that calls a another VBscript located on the server.

The script on each computer never needs to be changed/edited, or modified. All it does is call the script on the company server.

The script on the server does all of the work. It checks a custom registry entry I created. If false, then the script calls the compiled AutoIT to leverage the RunAsSet() allowing the security patch or update to run in the local Administrator account. If true, then the script terminates.

After any install, the server script updates the custom registry entry and reboots the workstation.

I like this arrangement because the assigned workstation user actually makes the update happen during their logon. A message pops up warning them that an update is about to occur, and to do nothing critical because a reboot will happen.

I've been toying with a new idea, use the Windows Registry RunOnce area. I belive that I can use one compiled AutoIt script and one xxx.txt file on the server to write the necessary entries into the RunOnce area. At midnight, every night, all of the workstations and print servers in the corporate area reboot. The maintenance server reboots at 6 am. So, I'm thinking that updates and patches can be installed on the workstations when they reboot.

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