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Reading inputted data

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Hello, This is a great program and Forum.

I am looking for a way to detect the last digit of a 6 digit number when it is inputted into a field in a program I am using. This will be a trigger to start a subprogram. Any Ideas? Thanks.

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Here's a script that waits for you to type "quit" into the Start > Run box...

While 1
   sleep(100);prevent maxing out the CPU
   If ControlGetText("Run","","Edit1") = "quit" Then
      MsgBox(4096,"Done","You typed 'quit' into the Run dialog!")

Try the AutoIt Window Spy to check if you can detect the text in the field. ControlGetText does not work with all types of controls :idiot:

Use Mozilla | Take a look at My Disorganized AutoIt stuff | Very very old: AutoBuilder 11 Jan 2005 prototype I need to update my sig!

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