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Change MsgBox buton text

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I thought I would attempt to provide an easy way to change the button text of MsgBox with the following constraints:

- does not use GUI functions

- does not rely on a second script (neither an entirely separate script, nor FileWriteLine'd script, nor FileInstall'd script).

Requires latest AutoIt beta; should work on uncompiled and compiled scripts.

The following is designed to be Include'd (or inserted directly) at the very beginning of your program.


;Expects 2 to 5 command-line parameters:
;  Title of MsgBox to watch for
;  Text of MsgBox to watch for
;  Text to show for first button
;  Text to show for second button
;  Text to show for third button (if applicable)

; Wrap the body of the script in a function so as not to pollute global variable space...
; I also chose a function name that should not conflict with 
Func __Do_Main()
   Local $numArgs = $CmdLine[0]
   If $numArgs < 2 Then Return
   Local $title = $CmdLine[1], $text = $CmdLine[2]
   Local $winWaitDelay = Opt("WinWaitDelay", 5)
   If $text = "" Then 
      WinWait($title, $text)
   Opt("WinWaitDelay", $winWaitDelay)
  ;I wonder if the If statements or For-loop is more efficient
  ;;If $numArgs > 2 Then ControlSetText($title, $text, "Button1", $CmdLine[3])
  ;;If $numArgs > 3 Then ControlSetText($title, $text, "Button2", $CmdLine[4])
  ;;If $numArgs > 4 Then ControlSetText($title, $text, "Button3", $CmdLine[5])
   For $i = 3 to $numArgs
      ControlSetText($title, $text, "Button" & ($i-2), $CmdLine[$i])

; The command you use to create custom MsgBox buttons
Func SetMsgBoxButtons($title, $text, $first = "", $second = "", $third = "")
   Local $cmd = '"' & @ScriptFullPath & '" "' & $title & '" "' & $text & '"'
   If @NumParams > 2 Then $cmd = $cmd & ' "' & $first & '"'
   If @NumParams > 3 Then $cmd = $cmd & ' "' & $second & '"'
   If @NumParams > 4 Then $cmd = $cmd & ' "' & $third & '"'
   If @Compiled Then
      Return Run($cmd, "", @SW_HIDE)
      Local $AutoIt = RegRead("HKLM\SOFTWARE\AutoIt v3\AutoIt", "InstallDir") & "\AutoIt3.exe"
      If FileExists($AutoIt) Then Return Run('"' & $AutoIt & '" ' & $cmd, "", @SW_HIDE)

Example usage. Notice that you call SetMsgBoxButtons before the MsgBox. That's all folks!

#include "MsgBoxInc.au3"
Opt("TrayIconHide", 0);show tray icon

$title = "Example"
$text = "What do you think?"

SetMsgBoxButtons($title, $text, "Good", "Fair", "Poor")
MsgBox(4099, $title, $text)

SetMsgBoxButtons($title, "Second Example", "Okay!")
MsgBox(4096, $title, "Second Example")


  • Scripts that rely on command-line paramters would need to be modified...
  • SetMsgBoxButtons does not like an empty text paramter
  • There is a slight delay before the button text is updated, so the old text can be seen for a split second
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