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Hi (yes.. my first post... i'm a lurker :) ),

I've been using autoit since version 2 (awesome job you're doing here though) and I find myself stuck for the very first time.

The thing is, i'm trying to create a script to move every user folder but after going through the process of reading LDAP, getting the OU and some other parameters i can't xcopy the folders due to permissions.

Since I don't want to reassign permissions we (IT dept.) created a special user who can xcopy those folders but the runas is not working and I don't understand why...


RunAs("<user>","<domain>","<pass>",2,@ComSpec ' /c xcopy \\<server1>\users\<user> \\<server2>\users\<OU>\<user> /e/h/o/y',@SystemDir)


C:\scripts\testXC.au3(1,142) : ERROR: syntax error
RunAs("<user>","<domain>","<pass>",2,@ComSpec ' /c xcopy \\<server1>\users\<user> \\<server2>\users\<OU>\<user> /e/h/o/y'

C:\scripts\testXC.au3 - 1 error(s), 0 warning(s)

Thanks in advance!

P.S. Sorry any typo, english is not my main language :S

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The actual depicted error comes from a & missing between @ComSpec and the rest of the command line in the example.

Despite that, I think the problem you're describing arises from this: though you've created the child process in a away that declares "use these credentials for any network connections created by the child process", RunAs doesn't establish any network connections itself (that's not its job), and the only process created, XCOPY, doesn't either; it just tries to copy files.

DriveMapAdd creates a new network connection (whether or not it actually maps a drive), and you can provide the credentials that it uses for the network connection; you might try that rather than RunAs. In fact, XCOPY will probably be happier if you DriveMapAdd a temporary drive for both target shares...

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Thanks a lot.

Worked like a charm

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