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Data Analysis

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This was originally something I designed to help with my statistics coursework but I thought I'd share it here :) . The attachment is a compiled exe (totally "clean") because the application was actually written in about 8 or 9 scripts with various #include's. It should work without them :) , but to get the icons to display, you need the attachment 76-IDE.ico in a sub-folder called Icons and you should have shell32.dll on your computer.

I won't list all the functions here (they're in the file Notes) but I will say that you need to type what you want to do in the UPPER of the two input boxes and the bottom will display the output. Your commands should look something like:


(puts 10 in the output window and sets $b to 10)

When using this for data (eg. mean, etc) you MUST have excel as this is what it connects to. Each column should have a "heading" - this is used by the functions. When specifying data size, include the heading row.

Files are saved in .txt format.

The value of pi is stored in the variable $pi and this IS cleared with the function memclear.

Finally, it doesn't have very many functions and most you could probably do yourself anyway, but any feedback on improvements would be appreciated. :)

I'll try to include an example soon. I'm not sure whether I will be posting the code up so please don't ask.

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