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Aim for a flashgame

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hey all, i started to do autoit scripts a while ago, and have been setting small goals for programs for me to make, but now i have come to a program that i cant really get myself out of:

I saw this game: http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/curveball

and thought i would make an aimbot for it since its pretty simple and the ball is just green which would be easy to make a bot for, i thought.

So it started out fine and it works, but it doesnt follow the ball that good, and i guess that is because it is only following 1 pixel of the ball, and therefore i wanted to ask if anyone knew how to make it center a group of pixels, like a little picture, or in this case a ball.

I also have another problem i want to make it so that i can press PauseBreak and then it should aim and then when i press again it should stop, anyways here is the script:

HotKeySet("{PAUSE}","bot" )
While 1 = 1
Func bot()
If IsArray($c) Then MouseMove($c[0],$c[1],0)
Func qt()

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