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Pixelsearch help

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Hello every1. I have big problem today... i gonna try to write Aimbot oO So i need some help.

If u can give me some tips so plz do it =)

I using Screen Resolution 1280 x 1024 and i need to find red + at screen...

Here is a Foto //

Posted Image

So how can i make my script like that : When it detecting this red (dark red) + it should move mouse there. So any Ideas ppl ?

Ty... I need any help =)

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You can do that for search pixel :

$pixel=PixelSearch(0,0,1280,1024,0xFF0000); Search red pixel on sreen

If IsArray($pixel) = 1 Then; If the pixel has been found
msgbox(0,"",$pixel[0]&"  "&$pixel[1]); Coords of the pixel found

And I have do a little AimBot for you, edit the red color if that don't work


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