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I want to connect to port 3601, and maintain the connection.

I want to be able to send ASCII messages to port 3601, and receive messages from the same.

With the code I've been using, it seems the send only works once, and every message thereafter isn't firing.

Can anyone point out why this is only working once, and not after the first connect/send/receive session?

HotKeySet('a', '_Test') ; Set up an A hotkey to send the message

HotKeySet('{ESC}', '_Close') ; Call a close function to close the script when someone presses escape

TCPStartup() ; Initialize the TCP functions/library

$Socket = TCPConnect(@IPAddress1, 3601) ; Connect to the server

If @error Then ; If no connection is made, the server probably is not running, or another error occurs, give an error message to the user

MsgBox(0x20,"Connection error", "Unable to connect to " & @IPAddress1 & ":7000")

Exit ; Close the script


While 1

$sData = TCPRecv($Socket,3601)

If $sData Then ; There has been some data sent.

MsgBox(0, "Message Received", $sData)



Func _Test()

TCPSend($Socket,"(+ 1 4)") ; Send the data


Func _Close()

TCPCloseSocket($Socket) ; Close the socket to the server

TCPShutdown() ; Deinitialize the TCP functions/library

Exit ; Close the script


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There wasn't anything wrong with the AutoIt side, I just needed to include an escape character at the end of the SubL query.

Everything seems to be working fine :)

I'm going to test and see more of how this works.

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