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Guest AlexUhde

Add Mail-Acc. to OutlookXP

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Guest AlexUhde


Im trying to build a script, that setup my eMail Accounts in Outlook XP!

It should read a txt file. In this file is every line a account! something like:

name name2 email@mail.com pop.mail.com smtp.mail.com user@mail.com password
name name2 email2@mail.com pop.mail.com smtp.mail.com user2@mail.com password

But i don't know how to get the things so that the i can use them in the script!

my script sofar:

WinActivate("E-Mail-Konten", "")
ControlClick("", "", "Button2", "left", 1)
ControlClick("", "", "Button2", "left", 1)
Send ("{ENTER}")
FileOpen ( "mailacc.txt", mode 0)

Can U help me?

Thx Alex

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You can look into using a PRF file to setup your Outlook account. And then automate generating a PRF file.

Hope that helps,


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I think you need to look in the help file for FileReadLine() and StringSplit(), these should help you with getting the line of text and breaking it into it's component parts.

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