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Launch-It 1.5


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Here is a little Application Launcher I made for my non-u3 thumb drive. It is still very much a work in progress but I am modelling it after the U3 launcher on my U3 thumb drive. It is all packed in a .rar file.

How to use (so far!):

Click on the tray icon to bring up the launcher GUI

To add an application:

- click on the "Add Program" button

- browse to the .exe file to add and click OK

To remove an application:

- click on the "Settings" button

- choose "Program" from the pop-up "menu" (this will bring up a new GUI)

- click on the program from the list

- click the "Remove" button and it will remove it from the list

- click the "Done" button to close the window.

To run an application:

- double click on the application's icon in the program list.

To change an applications label in the launcher:

- edit "settings.ini" found in the Data folder

- edit the "title" entry for the correct application

- save the ini and restart the laucher

To change the main launcher's position:

- edit "config.ini" found in the Data folder

- edit "herr" to change the x position.

- edit "verr" to change the y position.

Note: default position is in the lower right corner of your screen.

To exit the launcher:

- click on the "unload" button on the GUI.

Additional Notes:

The "More Programs" button does not work. Eventually by clicking it, it will bring up a window with additional programs to run.

Launch-It is limited (currently) to 9 programs max to have configured.

I am sure there are more bugs and things to do, but for now it serves my purpose. I will edit/update it as I am able to. Feel free to mess with it and post your code. Thanks!



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Now, this is very nice. Great work! I'm always on the look out for Usb Flash Drive Launchers.

Currently I use a modified DCOT menu to launch my UFD programs; and so far I'm quite happy with it. DCOT is written with AutoIt by Tim Fehlman also, so maybe you could expand on its capablities. A Launcher Gui isn't always wanted; when a systray icon menu is much more unobtrusive. Now if only DCOT had nested menus. Anyways, perhaps this gives you more ideas.

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This is nice but if i can suggest you some improvements:

1) drag and drop a shortcut to the list automaticaly add the program to the launcher.

2) the list should be set to iconview.

Let me know what you think

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Thanks for the feedback. I looked at that DCOT launcher briefly, but now the site is down. I didn't see much special but I can now add something to the Launch-It settings... gui or not, tray menu or not, etc...

There is actually no listview or treeview on the GUI. Those are controls placed on the GUI itself. I just wasn't happy with the results I was getting using a listview in icon mode. I can definately add that as an option or fiddle with it some more.

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