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i am a new member

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im vietnam, im student in foodtech, but i like it and i find autoit forum very good for me

thanks for your helping :)

i want write a program which can open or del or move all file or folder on a driver

biut i dont kown start it. every, can you help me

sorry im vietnam ,i study english very bad

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Welcome to AutoIt food :)

Anything you need help with or your just saying hi?

jim, can you help me,

ex : del *.doc or any file on a driver

i dont know how do it.

thanks, jim

i wait your reply

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Why do you need to do this? Could you explain using pseudo code? What I mean is explain just what you want to do in a logical order, and for the purpose. We may already have just what you already need in a different thread, and it would make things faster.

im sorry:

purpose: because i like it, i dont understand it

im has known autoit for 3 days, i known something, but many things i do not know, and i need it,

do you think, my vocabularys anf grammar very bad,

i want you and other member in autoit forum help me, write this code or ect......

no purpose dangerous

you understand me? :)

can you help me: open any file *.doc a driver

i dont know use:

fileopen or fileread

and code

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